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JOWAY H106 TWS Bluetooth BT5.0 Earbuds True Wireless Earphones LED Power Display High Fidelity Speakers Headset

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Huawei CM33 Classic USB-C Earphones



Multipurpose: What makes these earphones more trendy is the integrated volume and microphone features; it shows compatibility with all the USB C devices. The remote includes volume buttons which makes it convenient for the customer to increase or decrease the volume according to the need during a call or when listening to music.

Good Appearance: The white colour makes the appearance of these earphones more attractive by giving them a decent look. Earbuds are specially designed to be more handy and easy to use, which can accurately and easily fit into the ear.120cm length of cable wire makes it convenient to use these earphones.

Good Connectivity: The earphones have the excellent connectivity of the range 20-2000 Hz and offer an excellent noise reduction feature, that not only makes it possible for the users to listen to their favourite music but also reduce the noise present in the env


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